One month already since I’ve left Japan and came back to Melbourne. Time is flying by so fast. I lose track of the days. But Japan feels like yesterday. I saw so much and went to so many places, yet I feel I still there’s so much I haven’t done, so many places I haven’t been to. I hadn’t left the country that I was already dreaming of coming back!

At the end of February, I took the plane from Melbourne, to land 9 hours later in Tokyo. Thanks to a good preparation, I (quite) easily went to take the train to get to Asakusabashi and arrive at my hostel tired but happy. I had the whole day to myself, to start tasting, exploring, and buying the last things i would need for the trip. And at the end of the day, Tak arrived, as tired as I was (even a bit more!) but ready to join me in what would be an amazing 3 weeks of discovery! Continue reading