Japan’s streetscape is buoyant to say the least. It’s rich and diverse and there’s so much to see it almost become noisy. But that’s one of the things that makes it such a unique country and such an amazing place to visit.

While its true throughout the day, it’s even more striking at night. Continue reading



Seiryo-ji temple – Arashiyama, Kyoto – 17.03.16

Each year, the cherry blossom season attracts thousands of tourists all over Japan. Its also very popular among locals and holds a very important position in japanese culture. Hanami – cherry blossom viewing – parties are celebrated under the trees. It happens from early to late april, depending on the region.

Of course, traveling in march, we missed the full bloom season, but we were lucky enough to catch a few early trees. Continue reading



One month already since I’ve left Japan and came back to Melbourne. Time is flying by so fast. I lose track of the days. But Japan feels like yesterday. I saw so much and went to so many places, yet I feel I still there’s so much I haven’t done, so many places I haven’t been to. I hadn’t left the country that I was already dreaming of coming back!

At the end of February, I took the plane from Melbourne, to land 9 hours later in Tokyo. Thanks to a good preparation, I (quite) easily went to take the train to get to Asakusabashi and arrive at my hostel tired but happy. I had the whole day to myself, to start tasting, exploring, and buying the last things i would need for the trip. And at the end of the day, Tak arrived, as tired as I was (even a bit more!) but ready to join me in what would be an amazing 3 weeks of discovery! Continue reading



Voici un aperçu de mon itinéraire so far

Le 5 août dernier j’ai pris l’avion de Montréal, en passant par Los Angeles, USA et Auckland, NZ pour finalement arriver à Melbourne le 7 août. Un trajet de 28 heures qui se traduit par 2 jours sur le calendrier.

AOÛT _ Après avoir pris le pouls de la ville quelques jours, en essayant de survivre aux contre-coups du jet-lag, Lila et moi prenons la route pour un road-trip d’un mois, de Continue reading